Sunday, March 28, 2010


Something about me...I love documentaries, especially about people. Here are some that I have seen recently.

little man - about a baby born 100 days early and his struggle to survive. Also touches on the ethics of saving a baby born this early. As a mother and nurse, I found it both heartbreaking and hopeful.

Boy Interrupted- A film made by the mother of a young man with bipolar disorder. It gives you a glimpse into life with a CHILD who has bipolar disorder. You will cry.

Autistic-Like: Graham's Story- A film made by the father of a young boy diagnosed very early with autism, who in fact is not autistic. His father comes to believe the therapies recommended are missing the mark. Graham is "autistic-like", a child with sensory processing disorder. This film hits home for me. Alex can best be described as "autistic-like" and in fact HAS been described that way by several professionals.

This is one that hasn't been aired yet but will air on HBO on April 2. I look forward to it. A Mother's Courage: Talking Back to Autism

I think these films are very well done and honor the children they are about.


  1. I love documentaries too. I will make note of these that you've mentioned and try and think of some of my faves and report back. I know of one that astounded me was a Canadian documentary called The Bush Years. I think it was Canadian.

  2. I just saw the last one you mentioned. It was very touchin.