Sunday, May 19, 2013

The end of 3rd grade

Alex is almost done with 3rd grade.  Funny, when he was small and going to his special ed preschool classes I wasn't sure we would ever get here.  I had such a hard time imagining him at this age. 

This year he played soccer in the fall and spring.  He played basketball in the winter.  He did pretty well with both sports.  I feel like (in addition to the exercise) team sports are good for him.  He is practicing listening (to his coach and his teammates), he is learning to work collaboratively, he is having to communicate with his teammates, he feels as though he belongs. 

He has been playing with 3 other boys in the third grade.  One is a neighbor who comes over about twice a week.  He and Alex play pretty rough - they play on the trampoline and they play dodgeball.  It is good for Alex to expend his energy with another child who is not intimidated by his roughness.   He also plays with a boy who really only wants to play on the computer.  This is ok, it is only once a week or so.  It is their thing and I am OK with it since it is not too often.  The third boy has Asperger's.  He is more affected than Alex.  He is older than Alex although in his class.  Alex seems to show him how to do things.  It is interesting watching them play.  They do a lot of swinging and jumping on the trampoline.  Not much game playing or talking. 

Alex has struggled mightily with paying attention and staying organized at school.  I have gotten numerous calls from the special ed teacher about this throughout the year.  He is oblivious to much that is going on.  It is hard to know how to help him since I am not in school with him.  I try to help him keep his homework folder and backpack organized but I cannot be there to remind him to pay attention or to write his name on his paper or to hand things in! 

Although I have avoided it so far, I have made an appointment with the ADHD pediatrician at his pediatrician's office and I am open to trying some medication.  He is really struggling.  I do hear a lot of comments from people like "ADHD doesn't really exist" and "People should not drug their kids".  However, I am open to trying this to help him.  Not to make my life or the teacher's life easier.  He is not in a special school or a special classroom.  He is mainstreamed in a "regular" classroom and has to perform all the same tasks as the typical kids.  And he is struggling, have I mentioned that??  He cannot follow more than one command.  For instance, I can say "Go get your shoes on" and he MIGHT do it.  More often, I will find him distracted by the cat or a toy or a pencil.  He cannot follow 2 commands like "Brush your teeth and get your pajamas on".  He is well over 9 years old.  He should be able to do this, but cannot.  Is it any wonder he is having trouble in a typical 3rd grade classroom where they are expected to do multiple tasks on their own without being reminded? 

Did I mention he loves to run? His uncle took him to a fun run and he won!  He also came in 3rd in his whole school for most laps run during the school's jog club in April.  He has boundless energy.

I am looking forward to summer and the end of homework!

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  1. I know exactly what you mean Kris
    The difficulty in following multiple commands
    One of the things I liked most about RDI was the edict on slowing down
    Life is just too fast for our kiddos :-(
    I love that he won the race and am so glad he is so physical and active