Monday, February 14, 2011

Humming Along

I haven't posted in quite a while, I know. I don't want to jinx anything. Things are going quite well for Alex now. He has met all his IEP goals FOR THE YEAR already, at the half-way mark.

Here is what his special ed teacher wrote about his Communication strengths/weaknesses: "A has made some new friends this school year. He plays with classmates, shares, and has conversations with them. A is respectful to his teachers and peers and can work cooperatively in a group. A asks thoughtful questions to gain clarification during class discussions. A's oral language skills are on grade level. He continues to expand his listening and speaking vocabularies and adapts his oral language to fit the situation." NOTE, THERE ARE NO WEAKNESSES noted!!!!

Comments for Behavior/Social Skills: "A's behavior is age-appropriate. He no longer uses a behavior chart to monitor his behavior, and can follow directions and complete classwork. A is able to word independently and listen attentively. He contributes to group discussions and asks thoughtful questions."

I mean, gasp, so many phrases here NEVER used to describe Alex before: "made some new friends", "has conversations", "can work cooperatively in a group", "ORAL LANGUAGE SKILLS ARE ON GRADE LEVEL"!!!!!!!!!!!! "behavior is age appropriate" "able to listen attentively"

This is a child who was woefully behind in language just few years ago. Who could not tolerate being in groups, whose behavior was ALWAYS described as immature, and who needed an aide or special ed teacher to keep him on task.

OK, yes, he comes home and stims (sensory seeks? Are they the same thing? I never get a straight answer for this) for about hour every day. In the warmer months it is an hour straight of trampoline jumping. Now it is dribbling a basketball around the house while jumping around which some days drives me to the brink. But I grit my teeth because I know he has worked hard to hold it together ALL DAY at school. I know some days a recess he plays on the slides by himself and that some days he feels sick at lunch because of the smells. BUT he is still making tremendous gains.

For the first time since he was a baby, I am more concerned about one of my other kids than I am about him. My 7th grader is really pushing the limits these days. I thought this behavior would occur closer to 14 (he is 12.5). But we are in the midst of some rebellion and some bad decision-making. Now that my youngest is 6 and we are safely out of the sometimes difficult toddler/pre-school years I must gear up for adolescence! I have one right on his heels, turning 11 next month. The mouth, the eye-rolling, the word "whatever" which I now truly hate, the texting, the secret little jokes, the homework that is not done, etc. Why don't I feel ready for this???

On a side note, this same 7th grader did fantastic at his wrestling tournament this weekend. He won all 3 matches. His 2nd opponent threw up in the middle of their match and I was completely disgusted and rattled and wanted him to forfeit (the sick kid was not forfeiting) but my son said to me "Mom, it's OK. I want to finish what I started." and was not rattled by his puking opponent. Every now and then I see a glimpse of the man he will become.

Thanks to those of you who have inquired as to where I have been. Just busy and reading a lot of other blogs!!


  1. I am in tears
    WOW how well he is doing
    Sniff swoon

  2. I just found your blog, it sounds like your little one is doing great and that makes me feel really good to read.

    My youngest 2 was just finely diagnosed with PVL (mild CP) and I have no idea what that will mean to her as she grows or heads to school.
    But like you my 12.5 year old had decided to give me a run for my money "The mouth, the eye-rolling, the word "whatever" which I now truly hate, the texting, the secret little jokes, the homework that is not done, etc. Why don't I feel ready for this???". I am SO right there!