Friday, April 1, 2011

Yellow Card

Today Alex got a "yellow card" at school. This means he was given a warning. When you get to red there is a punishment. I am probably the only mom at my kids' school who was happy about a yellow card. He got the yellow card because he was playing tabletop hockey with another boy during classtime. That makes me ecstatic! Because he was playing with another boy. Because he wasn't obssesed with following the rules (as he is prone to do). Because he was behaving like a typical 7-year-old boy. I couldn't let him know I was "happy". But when he got choked up telling me about it, I let him know that it was OK and I wasn't angry. Because I know it is not likely to happen again. He is proud of his "green card" streak. He is more obsessed with things like that than is normal for a 1st grade boy. So although most moms might be a bit disappointed (as I always was when my older boys behaved that way), I am very proud of that yellow card. And we talked about how the yellow card doesn't take away from all the green cards he has gotten. It's funny how your focus changes when you have a child like Alex. I celebrate the everyday boy things that most parents don't give a second thought to. Yay!! He played tabletop hockey! And he didn't completely fall apart about the yellow card. He wasn't happy about it but he was able to handle it.


  1. It's bittersweet how something positive can also be something you get in trouble for. I am happy for both of you. You're a good mom :-)

  2. When I saw the title of this post I thought, yellow card!? I got that in school playing volleyball. I'm glad Alex was able to handle it, and you got to have a YES! moment. I second Amanda, you're a good momma :D


  3. wow how well he is doing
    Glad you are posting again - missed hearing your stories

  4. Oh, I know exactly what you mean by this. I'm always thrilled when the Tongginator manages to connect with another child.

  5. how are you doing Kris - how is Alex doing ?
    Loved your comment on my post about R saying the F word
    We mums really get it